We control the new media or it control us?

Although new media can makes peoples’ life easier, there still have some issues relate to it. Take social media as example, people can easily share their life on Internet. However, many people cannot distinguish what can share, what is cannot share to public channel. Public and privacy are becoming hard to discriminate. It may easy to harm other people. Your friends may share some photos which are may be private to you. Because of each person has different cognition of public and privacy. That means if you are not telling you friends and send their photos to the Internet that must be harmful to them in sometimes. Also, through the technology developing, many people relay to robot to live. But it will let people to lose some native ability. For example, people use smart phone to communicate and socialize. We are used to use it to communicate rather than face to face taking. It may let people forget how to communicate with other people. People think that technology makes life better, however, people do not discover that technology start to control peoples’ life and people cannot live without it.


We need to think about that is we control technology or technology control us. Also we need to think about if some day people could not use technology anymore, what will happen in their life. Because people start to depend on technology for living, without it, can people still live better?

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